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The framework of circular fashion has remained at the foundation of everything we do at Filippa K. It follows the four Rs: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle. By keeping this in mind, we can help encourage more mindful consumption and lower the impact of fashion on our planet. The journey is ongoing, and we’re learning new ways to improve the industry every day. We’ll update this page regularly so we can share the ways that circular fashion supports what we do, and how you can get involved too. 




We value reducing our society’s rate of consumption and environmental impact. Filippa K clothing is designed to last, so you can buy less and keep it for longer. According to a study by Mistra Future Fashion, the environmental impact (carbon emissions, resource usage, and waste production) of a garment can be reduced by nearly 50% if you double the average amount of time it is used. The average number of times a Filippa K piece is worn is 75, and the industry average is only 7. Ensuring longevity means our community can rely on a smaller and better wardrobe.  In every collection, we aim to only buy what we are going to sell, and increase the percentage of sustainable fibres we use every year. To learn more about this, take a look at our 2019 Sustainability Report.




It’s always better to repair a garment and extend its life before you replace it. By caring well for the clothes we have, we can help them last for years. For tips on how to best care for and repair your pieces, you can always reference our Garment Care advice. Our in-store and customer service teams are also available if you have questions about how to best handle a repair. If you’re in Stockholm, stay tuned for workshops and advice on garment repair from our Filippa K Studio team.




This part of circular fashion is a simple step we can all take towards mindful consumption. As a company, we create garments that are designed for a long life and to be donated for a second life after ownership. We also reuse materials from previous collections and cutting waste to create garments rather than producing new material. As a consumer, the best way to reduce your impact is to keep your garments for a long time, donate when you no longer want them, and shop secondhand when you can.  Since 2008, we’ve partnered with the Filippa K Secondhand shop in Stockholm where people can purchase gently used garments from previous collections. In 2015 we launched our Collect program: simply bring in Filippa K garments you no longer want to own, and we will provide you with a discount on your next purchase. Our Filippa K Studio opened in Stockholm in 2020: a space where you can shop these pre-loved pieces and learn more about circular fashion.




When a garment or material can no longer be used in its current state, the best thing to do is recycle it when possible. At Filippa K we recycle cutting waste, use recycled materials in our products, and design garments for recyclability. Our supplier in Italy recycles cutting scraps from our wool outerwear and suiting into new yarns, as part of the Re.Verso™ process. During 2019, our garment makers sent 6311 kg of wool fabric cuttings to Italy for recycling. We source a variety of recycled materials for each collection we release, including polyester made from plastic bottles, wool, cashmere, cotton, and more. Our Front Runners initiative in 2018 taught us how we can make a garment that is 100% recycled and recyclable: knowledge we’ve taken through to future collections.








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