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Front Runners

Our journey of discovering new methods for sustainable design.

By collaborating with partners in the fashion industry, Front Runners are created as sustainably as possible from start to finish with the purpose of learning new methods for future collections. Each piece has been assessed to ensure every phase of the life cycle, from raw materials to afterlife.

2018 marked our third initiative, inspired by the speeds of nature and its ability to create something new while protecting what exists. We asked ourselves: how can we slow down life cycles for long-lasting garments, and develop a way for the pattern of fast fashion to become more sustainable?

Introducing Front Runners 2018: redefining the behaviour of fashion with nature’s inspiration to create positive change.


Shop the products

    Shop the products

      The Eternal Trench Coat

      100% Recycled, 100% Recyclable

      Inspired by the slow speeds of nature, this 100% recycled and recyclable coat is mindfully made from plastic bottles to last for a decade or longer – then it can be fully recycled into the same material from which it was made. The coat is designed in timeless style and quality, lightweight, water repellent, packable, and it has the Filippa K guarantee of 10 Years of Care.


      Polyester takes millions of years to create and 200 years to biodegrade. It is typically used in fast fashion, so we’re redefining its purpose as a slow material by using recycled polyester from  plastic PET bottles that can be re-made into new fabric for future garments.


      We worked with We aRe SpinDye to dope dye this garment, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and less energy and water consumption than a typical dyeing process. The coat also has extraordinary performance against wear and tear, UV light damage, and washing – above what is achieved by traditional dyeing.


      The garment is finished with Organotex: an eco-friendly water repellent technology inspired by the 3D-structure of the lotus flower, and developed using biomimicry. The finish can be maintained and refreshed with the FK Textile Waterproofing Spray made with the same technology.

      10 Years of Care

      10 Years of Care is our guarantee to help you care for your Front Runners garment for the next decade. Just like its inspiration in nature, this coat is designed for a long life in your closet. We’re here to help with any repairs or restorations your garment may require. Just bring the coat back into one of our stores and we’ll treat it according to its needs. When your ownership is finished, please donate it or return it to a Filippa K store so we can resell, lease or recycle it. 


      Shop the products

        Shop the products

          The Throw Away Dress

          100% Bio-based, 100% Biodegradable 

          Inspired by nature’s fast cycles, The Throw Away Dress is an exciting concept that is not far from becoming a commercial reality in the fashion industry. This project has brought to light proof that it is possible to design a garment to live a short life with a minimised environmental impact.

          Created from completely biological non-woven Tencel material that skips the costly processes of spinning and weaving, it is naturally dyed using food waste. We currently offers the option to lease clothing so customers can update their wardrobe on a whim; this dress will serve the same purpose with the benefit of complete compostability after use.

          We see the potential in the near future for a customer to choose this dress for a special occasion, event, or photograph, and throwing it away to compost back into the earth after it has been worn a handful of times. The experience of the dress lives on through memories and social media so the object doesn’t have to.

           Learn more about sustainability at Filippa K here.


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          Customer Care

          Our dedicated team is happy to help you with any questions. Due to high demands, our return and shipping process are slightly delayed. You will receive a confirmation in the next coming days. We sincerely apologize for the delay.

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