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An essential is the only thing you really need

The foundations in my wardrobe are: Timeless, laid-back and uncomplicated design in sustainable quality materials.

My signature is: I am a country boy who moved to the city so it is a mix of chic modernism and country work wear.

I can't live without: A hoodie.

I want my clothes to make me feel: Confident and stylish.

The context I want to be in is: Creative, open-minded environments.

In my work I want to explore: Shape and colour.

When I practise my passion I wear: Utilitarian design.

A defining moment for me was: Moving to London when I was 18 and meeting all the amazing people that shaped me as a person.

My best advice is: Be true to your own style and aesthetic in everything you do otherwise it will never feel real or authentic.

When I travel I always: Travel light and take essentials.

My favourite read is: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami.

Be true to your own style and aesthetic in everything you do

My most treasured piece of clothing is: An embroidered coat I bought in India.

I would never: Say never.

I admire people who: Don't care what people think of them.

My thoughts on equality are: Equality should be a human instinct.

I wish I had: More time in the day to create all of my ideas!

To make a better future I: Don't waste time doing things I don't want to do.

The best advice I ever received was: Love everything and don't regret things that have already happened.

I define essential as: The only things you really need.