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Filippa K Collect Give your garment a second life
Filippa K believes in long lasting simplicity. We want to create collections that are long lasting in regards to both design and quality; clothes that are used and reused for many years.
As a step towards a circular economy, we welcome you to return old Filippa K garments that you no longer use. These will either be sold in our own second hand store or given to a selected humanitarian organisation.*
How it works:

Return a Filippa K garment to your local store and receive a 15% voucher to be used on your next purchase. In Sweden, we also work with Cirqle, an app that guides individuals to stores that collect used clothes. Once the user has donated clothes to a Cirqle connected store, he or she gets to choose a reward through the app, e.g. a digital discount.

* Local partners:

  • Sweden: Stadsmissionen
Norway: Fretex

  • Denmark: Røde kors

  • The Netherlands: Het Rode Kruis
  • Belgium: Oxfam
  • Finland: Fida International