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How to Wash, Mend & Care

When washing delicate clothes in lower temperatures, choose a liquid detergent instead of powder. It dissolves better – and is the most sensitive option.

Extending the average life of your clothes by just three months leads to a 5-10 percent reduction in carbon, water and waste footprint.

Every single one of our garments is designed to be long lasting both in quality and style. They are built to be worn, adjusted, mended, loved and recycled.

Brush your wool clothes with a clothing brush, it reduces pilling and adds shine while removing unwanted residue.

Wash your clothes right and they will last longer. Use a laundry bag for fine materials such as silk, viscose, wool and Tencel – and turn the clothes inside out to avoid colour changes.

Pilling is a common occurrence in natural materials such as cashmere. Brush a sweater stone gently across your clothes to remove pilling, it's the most eco friendly and gentle alternative.

Value your clothes instead of treating them as interchangeable – always consider repairing before replacing.

Avoid hanging your soft knits, they will loose their shape. Instead, lay it flat to dry and to store.

Elastane and Lycra fibers are sensitive to heat, use a damp cloth in-between when ironing and wash inside out as cold as possible.

Think twice before washing, hanging a sweater or a pair of trousers to air outside is often enough to regain a fresh feeling.

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