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Filippa K Soft Sport:

Welcome to the online Soft Sport Retreat, an exclusive five-day restart of digital yoga sessions and guidance to conscious eating, together with yoga teacher and food creator Johanna Ljunggren from @Detoxlife. Join in for a set of refreshed routines, clear eyes and a full heart.
While traveling the world, Johanna Ljunggren has learned new and old ways of food preparation, using methods less harmful for body and environment while avoiding diets and bodily focused stigmas. Instead, she focuses on life with all its wonders and worries, always striving to find balance. All recipes and yoga sequences is part of her daily routine.
  • DAY 1
“After 19 years of yoga practice and teaching, I still think the sun salutes are the holy grail of yoga practice. Build your inner strength first, there is no point in doing a posture if you can’t breathe or find your inner alignment, so use the options I provide. It will still be physically challenging, and it will make you feel both fit, strong and flexible, I promise.”
Johanna is wearing our Slim Mid Sleeve Top and Yoga Shorts
“I like to dress my food with seeds, flowers, nuts, sprouts, fruit and little herbs. These are my favourite food accessories. Of course, they’re not just pretty but will also supply an energy boost and healthy fat.”
Usually known as Overnight Oats, this is the perfect brunch dish for a bunch of people. You can serve it in a big bowl and dress it like a sunrise.
You basically just soak oats in water overnight. Use 1 dl per portion. I always put the banana and honey at the bottom and adding the oats on top as a sweet surprise. Before serving, dress the oats with seeds, fruit, dried or fresh flowers, nutty butters or chia seed jams of choice. I usually serve my Sunrise Oats with oat milk, but you can use what liquid you prefer.
  • DAY 2
“In this sequence, we find the mobility of the knees. When the joints above or below the knee have lost their mobility it's important to retrieve that before moving into a deeper leg bend. The movements in today’s sequence will help you in the sitting postures further on in the practice.”
Johanna is wearing our Seamless Strap Top and Yoga Shorts
“Making your own plant based yoghurt is super easy and healthy, too. If you leave it unsweetened, it double as dressing and sour cream. Make bigger batches in the beginning of the week and it’ll last for many days.”
Coconut Yoghurt, 2 portions
3 dl of coconut milk
1–2 tsp of cold, pressed apple cider vinegar
The zest of half a lemon
Put the coconut milk in the fridge so it’s cold when you make the yoghurt. Remove and separate the liquid part and only use the thick cream. Add vinegar and lemon zest. This yoghurt will last for 4–5 days.
Dress with beet juice, and nuts and seeds of choice.
Red Beet Juice
Beetroot is good for your heart. It keeps your blood pressure at bay and is great for stamina. The same goes for red cabbage. I use them as pickles, in juices, as colouring and for great taste. Also, it's easy to find locally grown options.
2 red beets
1 dl of red cabbage
1 lemon
A pinch of black pepper
Put everything in your juicer, except the black pepper which you add when you pour it into a glass. Black pepper aids the body to take up turmeric. Another great spice for this juice is cinnamon, cayenne and cardamom. In the winter time, spices help to keep you warm even when juicing.
  • DAY 3
“Learn to strengthen and stabilize the small muscles around your joints to give the big muscles some rest. The practice you do on your mat should make your body feel better in real life as well as calm your mind.”
Johanna is wearing our Slim Mid Sleeve Top and High Seamless Leggings
“I eat gluten but never the processed variant that comes from mass produced flours, manipulated to last forever. I love sourdoughs made with spelt and other whole rye grains or locally produced white flours.”
This pumpkin butter is great as an alternative sandwich spread:
1/2 oven baked pumpkin
2 dl of oil
Lots of black pepper
1 dl of nutritional yeast
A pinch of cayenne pepper
Bake half a pumpkin in the oven, flavoured with salt and thyme. Mix it with a nice cold pressed oil, I prefer olive or rapeseed oil. Then add the rest of the ingredients.
Spread over a piece of bread. Dress with salad, more spices, seeds and flowers. If you don’t get hold of flowers, use fresh herbs.
  • DAY 4
“In the triangle poses, lean back against an imaginary wall for support and balance. Draw your heels against each other but without moving them, to strengthen your inner thighs. The toes, knee and hip of the back foot should point in the same direction so that you don’t hurt the knees.”
Johanna is wearing our Drawstring Rib Sweater, Seamless Strap Top and High Slit Trousers (coming soon)
“You can fill the taco shell with what you like: fish, veggies, chicken or meat. In general, I love to use salad and cabbage leaves as ‘plates’. It’s a great alternative if you have a gluten intolerance.”
1 sweet potato
Olive oil
Cayenne pepper
Cumin powder
Paprika powder
Maldon sea salt
4 cabbage leaves
Coconut sour cream
Pickled red cabbage
Chop the sweet potato in long sticks. Turn them in the oil with the spices you prefer. I like to use cayenne, cumin, paprika and sea salt. Bake for 15 minutes in the oven (preheated to 200°).
Boil a pot of water and lower the heat. Place the cabbage leaf in and let it simmer for 5–10 minutes, and make sure it doesn’t over boil. Let it cool in cold water and remove the rougher edges.
Lightly pickle some red cabbage in apple cider vinegar. Add salt and – if you have – red beet juice leftovers from juicing.
Place the sweet potatoes inside the cabbage. Dress with the rest of the toppings. You can fill the taco shell with what you like: fish, veggies, chicken or meat.
  • DAY 5
“Yin yoga is about learning to be still, accepting your body’s stiffness without using strength and stretching. If you’re used to constant movement, it can be quite challenging. It’s great when you feel low on energy but still want to maintain your practice. Stay grateful for every breath, mostly the ones that are hard to take.”
Johanna is wearing our Cashmere Hood Sweater and Open Heel Leggings
“I love to make broths out of the scrums that get left after juicing or cooking. Stems, leaves and bits make the best broths, I freeze the leftovers and make a big pot of broth once a week. If you want to add collagen, buy good quality seaweed in your health food store. Great for the tummy and keeps your skin young.”
10 stems of kale or cabbage
1 onion, unpeeled
2 cloves of garlic, unpeeled
3 carrots
3 stems of celery, or leftover parts from juicing
2 litres of water
2 stems of sea kelp
5 chili tops, or 1 fresh chili
The Broth Base: Put all ingredients in a large pot and boil for three hours and then let it cool. Strain the broth from the veggies and freeze in portion sizes. I don’t use salt in the base broth, but keep it neutral for later flavouring. Then you can use tamari, soya, salt of choice or miso paste.
The Topping: When preparing the soup for serving, add fresh kale, pickled cabbage, radish, roasted cashews, oven baked potato chips and buckwheat noodles. Feel free to go wild and use what you like, perhaps your topping of choice is whole grain rice, potatoes, sticky rice or other kinds of noodles.


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