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A Sustainable Choice Nachhaltige Mode
Each and every one of these products is a smarter choice – these styles are designed to
create minimal negative impact on people and our environment by using a sustainable material.
In other words, long lasting pieces that are beautiful inside and out.
Jedes dieser Produkte ist eine kluge Wahl – sie minimieren durch die Verwendung
nachhaltiger Materialien die negativen Auswirkungen auf Mensch und Umwelt.
Mit anderen Worten, langlebige Stücke von äußerer und innerer Schönheit.
  1. Fine Merino V-Neck Grey Melange
  2. Paul Cut Away Stretch Shirt
  3. Cotton Merino Sweater Navy
  4. Soft Lycra Poloshirt Navy
  5. Soft Lycra Poloshirt Grey Melange
  6. Soft Lycra Poloshirt Black
  7. Soft Lycra S/S Poloshirt Navy
  8. Soft Lycra S/S Poloshirt Grey Melange
  9. Soft Lycra S/S Poloshirt Black
  10. Fine Merino R-Neck Navy
  11. Fine Merino R-Neck Grey Melange
  12. Paul Stretch Shirt White
  13. Paul Stretch Shirt Light Blue
  14. Paul Cut Away Stretch Shirt
  15. Cotton Merino Sweater Lightgrey
  16. Liam Cool Wool Slacks Dark Navy
  17. Rick Cool Wool Jacket Dark Navy
  18. Melange Tee Navy Mel
  19. Melange Tee Light Grey
  20. Melange Tee Dark Grey Mel
  21. Fine Merino V-Neck Navy
  22. Paul Stretch Shirt Navy
  23. Paul Stretch Shirt Black
  24. Fine Merino R-Neck Black
  25. Christian Cool Wool Jacket Grey Mel
  26. Christian Cool Wool Jacket Black
  27. Soft Lycra V-Neck White
  28. Lt. Single Jersey Tee Navy
  29. Lt. Single Jersey Tee Black
  30. Lt. Single Jersey Tee White
  31. Light Yak Tee Desert/Grey
  32. Rick Cool Wool Jacket Grey Mel
  33. Rick Cool Wool Jacket Black
  34. Organic Cotton R-Neck Desert
  35. Organic Cotton R-Neck Airforce
  36. Organic Cotton R-Neck Navy
  37. Soft Lycra V-Neck Black
  38. Soft Lycra V-Neck Grey Melange
  39. Christian Cool Wool Jacket Dark Navy
  40. Christian Cool Wool Slacks Black
  41. Christian Cool Wool Slacks Dark Navy
  42. Liam Cool Wool Slacks Grey Melange
  43. Liam Cool Wool Slacks Black
  44. Soft Lycra Tee Navy
  45. Soft Lycra Tee Grey Melange
  46. Soft Lycra Tee Black
  47. Soft Lycra Tee White
  48. Soft Lycra V-Neck Navy
  49. Front Runner Padded Coat
  50. Adrian Tencel/Cotton Tee Airforce
  51. Ribbed Merino Zip Jacket Navy
  52. Fine Merino Ribbed Roundneck Navy
  53. Block Tie Navy/White
  54. Half Dipped Tie
  55. Cotton Merino Sweater Ecru
  56. Cotton Merino Sweater Light Blue
  57. Stan Blue Vintage Jeans
  58. Paul Stretch Shirt Frost
  59. Paul Stretch Shirt Air
  60. Philip Tencel Shirt
  61. Ribbed Merino Zip Jacket Grey Melange
  62. Fine Merino Ribbed Roundneck Grey
  63. Linen Tie Desert
  64. Luca Modal Tee
  65. Adrian Tencel/Cotton Tee Navy
  66. Light Yak Sweater Navy
  67. Light Yak Sweater Airforce
  68. Light Yak Sweater Orange Fire
  69. Lt. Single Jersey Tee Airforce
  70. Lt. Single Jersey Tee Frost
  71. Lt. Single Jersey Tee Orange Fire
  72. Lt. Single Jersey Tee Desert
  73. Linen Tie Frost
  74. Adrian Tencel/Cotton Tee Grey
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