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By entering and using this website, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions, the “Terms of Use”. Filippa K may amend the Terms of Use at any time and you should, therefore, review the Terms of Use at regular intervals to see whether they have been amended.

Texts, images and software on this website (material) are, by default, protected against breaches of copyright or other intellectual property rights and remain the property of Filippa K unless otherwise stated. This provision also applies to brand names, other distinguishing signs, and logos. Texts, images, software, brand names, other distinguishing signs, and logos, together with any and all other protected material you may encounter on this website may only be used in the manner described in the Terms of Use.

You may use the material you find on the website, such as texts or images, but only for private/personal use. You may read, copy, print out and download such material, but you may not alter or sell such material on without the prior approval of Filippa K.

You may also, with the exception of Filippa K’s logos, use the material in editorial text on blogs, websites in similar contexts provided i) that the material is not used for commercial purposes, ii) that the material is not altered in any way, iii) that the material is credited to Filippa K, iv) that all notices of intellectual property and other forms of title held by Filippa K are retained and, with regard to photographs, v) that if the photographer’s name is displayed on Filippa K’s website, you display the name in the same way as it is displayed on Filippa K’s website.

Filippa K cannot provide any guarantees with regard to the content of the information presented on the website, e.g. that the information is correct or complete, that the information can be used for specific purposes, or that the information does not constitute an infringement of any other party’s rights.
Filippa K will make ongoing changes to the information presented on its website and these changes will be introduced in every new version of the website. Filippa K does not, however, undertake to update information or material on the website.
Filippa K accepts no liability for any damage of any kind that is, in some way, connected with the use of the website or its content.

Filippa K endeavours to ensure that the website is free from technical faults, viruses, and spam but is unfortunately unable to guarantee that this is the case. Functions may, for example, be disabled from time to time for maintenance purposes and/or may be unavailable for other reasons. Filippa K hence provides no guarantees with regard to the functionality, usability or security of the website. Filippa K accepts no liability for any damage arising from faults in the website.

You can submit your comments on the content of the website. You are personally responsible for your comments, e.g. for ensuring that you do not use text or material that is protected under intellectual property rights if you do not have permission to use it.
You may not submit comments or publish material that contravenes Swedish law or good practice. You may not, therefore: slander, harass, discriminate, persecute or threaten other people or in any other way infringe their rights, nor may you publish or disseminate information or material that constitutes agitation against a national or racial group, slander, child pornography, illegal depiction of violence, a breach of confidentiality or an incitement to commit an offence or which, in any other way whatsoever, is illegal, or is inappropriate, offensive, vulgar, obscene or indecent. You should practice normal Net etiquette.
Filippa K does not screen the comments in advance but shall be entitled to decide to amend or abbreviate the text contained in your comment if, in the opinion of Filippa K, it is inappropriate, or if such amendments or abbreviations are deemed necessary for reasons of space.
By submitting a comment, you grant Filippa K the unlimited and irrevocable right to use, display, amend or transfer to another party the right to use this comment in other media.

This website may contain links to websites belonging to external parties. These links are included in the website to facilitate visitors’ usage thereof. Filippa K accepts no liability for the content of and information presented on these websites and for the management of integrity-related issues on these websites.

The personal data that you submit will be processed by Filippa K and Filippa K is responsible for ensuring that all personal data is processed in accordance with Swedish regulations governing personal data and information processing. Filippa K respects the personal integrity of individuals and will not process personal data if the data has not been voluntarily submitted to Filippa K by the person to whom the personal data relates. The purpose of the processing is/can include the administration and management of the website, offers, following up on sales and product development, and marketing. Your name, e-mail address and postal address may be submitted to external parties for direct marketing purposes, e.g. mailshots containing collection or brand name catalogues. If you would like details of the personal data being processed or to request the correction of registered data, you can submit a written enquiry/request to Filippa K by e-mail. If you do not wish your personal data to be processed for direct marketing purposes, you may submit a written request to this effect to Filippa K or may submit your request by phone to the so-called NIX register.

When you visit this website, or any other website linked from this website, we may store certain information on your computer in the form of “cookies”, which enable us to tailor the website to your interests and preferences.
A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit stores on your computer. Many websites use cookies to give visitors access to different functions. The information contained in a cookie can be used to study a visitor’s browsing patterns.
Filippa K uses cookies for, amongst other things, statistical purposes and to enable visitors to choose their display language.
You can set your computer to block cookies, but if you do, Filippa K cannot guarantee that every part of the website will function as intended. The method by which you block cookies can vary, depending on which browser you use.

These Terms of Use are subject to Swedish law and your use of the website and disputes arising from the Terms of Use or the website shall be resolved in a Swedish public court of law.

Please do not hesitate to contact us,, if you have any questions about the Terms of Use, and perhaps about our Integrity Policy in particular.